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The PresentationMate™ Dry-Erase Marker Caddy can help your meetings be more efficient and more productive, while reducing your office supply costs on replacement markers.

The PresentationMate™ keeps a complete set of markers at hand and at the ready, stored in the correct position to keep the markers from drying out. Once you have gone into a meeting with the PresentationMate™, you will wonder how you ever made it without one. You might even get your own to make sure no one takes your markers! Designed to sit nicely in the marker tray of your Whiteboard, the PresentationMate™ keeps your markers readily available. The built in eraser means no more getting your hands dirty when you erase.

To calculate the value of PresentationMate™ to your business’ bottom line, simply multiply the number of people in the room by the number of minutes they have to wait the next time you see the meeting organizer scavenge for functioning dry-erase markers. Eliminating one of those meetings will make the PresentationMate™ a great investment!

Starting running better meetings today! Buy your office a PresentationMate™!

Bonus Business Bundle: Buy 25 PresentationMates™ and receive a copy of the award winning book on how to run great meetings!

Made in the USA