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Your class room or meeting room may have a great Whiteboard, but if you don't have good dry-erase markers, it really doesn't matter what is on the wall. The PresentationMate™ keeps the Dry Erase Markers accessible and in the room, ready for you to put them to work.

PresentationMate™ allows you to use color in your explanations. By keeping 4 different markers at the ready, the PresentationMate™ enables you to quickly jump from one color to another, without having to keep track of marker tops. The integral eraser makes it easy to clean up and start-over. The dual-edged eraser enables you to easily erase large areas or single letters with the same marker.

Learn from someone whose life depended on clear diagrams. The inventor drew the inspiration for the PresentationMate™ from his time as a Military Fighter Pilot, where mission briefings needed to be quick and clear.

Stop wasting time rummaging for markers and erasers; Put PresentationMate™ in your classroom today!

Made in the USA