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About the Inventor
The PresentationMate™ has a long history of service for mission oriented briefers and presenters of information, just ask the Inventor Scott Keller.

Lt. Colonel Scott “Road Kill” Keller, is president of Strategic Synergies Inc. and creator of the PresentationMate™. Scott has successfully briefed missions using the PresentationMate™, including combat missions in Iraq and Counter Drug operations in Central and South America. Preparing for over 1,000 missions in his 22 year military career, Lt. Colonel Keller understands how something as simple as a working dry-erase marker is critical to the briefing of a mission. Being a proud American, he makes sure that the PresentationMate™ is made in America.

“Road Kill” has flown 4 different fighter jets; FA-18, F-5, A-4, and presently, the F-16 Falcon. He’s had the pleasure of serving both in the USMC, and, presently, as an Air Guardsman in the USAF. He’s been catapulted off Aircraft Carriers at night, flown in countries/regions such as Turkey, Philippines, Japan, Okinawa, Korea, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Panama, Curacao, and, has flown almost every type of Air-to-Air and Air-to-Ground sortie type.

In his civilian status, he also flies for a major airline traveling to places such as Europe, South America, and Japan. His worldwide experience gives him a unique perspective on the importance of mission completion/success.

A tribute to Capt James N. "Trey" Wilbourn III




Made in the USA