A Tribute to Captain James N. "Trey" Wilbourn III

Trey was like an adopted brother to the Keller Family, the pictures do no justice, what-so-ever, to the man that Trey Wilbourn III personified through out his short but phenomenal life.


Captain Wilbourn

 And even though it’s been more than 20 years, the loss of Trey still reverberates today, he is sorely missed; May his soul rest in peace.




Aviator statue

This statue dedicated to Trey is located in Huntsville, Alabama.


Call Sign: "L.Z." Died: Feb. 23, 1991

Captain Wilbourn, piloting an AV-8B Harrier was shot down over central Kuwait during a night attack in Operation Desert Storm.  

He had been flying missions since the first day of the Gulf War, when he attacked Iraqi rocket launchers and artillery positions, according to news accounts.

Captain Wilbourn

Captain Wilbourn


A native of Huntsville, Ala., and the son of a Navy veteran, Captain Wilbourn received a degree in aviation management from Auburn University in 1984 and then joined the U.S. Marines, earning his wings in 1987. He first flew the A-6 Intruder, switching to the Harrier in 1990.


Captain Wilbourn Captain Wilbourn Captain Wilbourn Captain Wilbourn and his plane Captain Wilbourn and his plane


Captain Wilbourn kept a photograph of Army Gen. George S. Patton on his bedroom wall at home.  As a high school football player, he would motivate himself before games in the locker room by playing a tape of the theme music from the movie "Patton."


Captain Wilbourn as a baby Captain Wilbourn as a young child Captain Wilbourn in his football gear Captain Wilbourn as a young boy Captain Wilbourn graduation 

While in the Persian Gulf, Captain Wilbourn regularly wrote to his parents and his sister back home. He often signed the letters: "Love, Trey, pilot, patriot and defender of freedom." 


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Captain Wilbourn Captain Wilbourn on his birthday Captain Wilbourn recreation Captain Wilbourn having fun on the water Captain Wilbourn