The Inventor


Lt. Colonel (ret) Scott Keller is the President and founder of Strategic Synergies Inc. (SSI). The company vision includes; strategic policy and consulting, the Aviation Quick Response Force (AQRF) concept and Real-time Actionable Intelligence (RTAI); a global requirement for actionable intelligence, aviation surveillance, homeland-defense and security. The newest milestone is a base of operations now established in Switzerland. Additionally, Scott (AKA: “Road Kill”) received a patent for The Presentation Mate dry-erase caddy. Part of Scott’s life includes flying a Boeing 787 internationally (Far East, South America, and Europe).

Scott’s military experience includes three combat-tours to the Middle East, missions for the State-department, and operational experience in the following: counter-terrorism, counter-drug operations, Air-defense, Air-to-Air/Air-to-Ground operations, Joint/Multi-Service (USMC/USAF) operations, high-tech sensor technologies during combat operations and command billet for the worldwide capable Air Operations Command Center (AOC).

His military career encompassed global operations in combat fighter-aircraft such as the F-16, F-18, A-4, and F-5. Scott was also a carrier aviator, adversary pilot, and spearheaded a new missile-defense tactic;%#@&-Maneuver” (utilized in tactics manuals). Scott was instrumental in introducing several special large-force projects and innovations. His military career has spanned the world in locations such as Iraq, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Korea, Okinawa, Curacao, Panama, and the Philippines. Lt. Colonel Keller retired with over 26 1/2 years of service to his country.

Mr. Keller’s educational experience includes his status as a Doctoral candidate in Strategic Security and Counter Terrorism, and completion of a master’s degree (MSEM) in Emergency Management from the Massachusetts Maritime Academy. Scott also completed Squadron Officers School, Air Command and Staff College, the USAF Air War College (Leadership Principles), “Top Gun” Adversary Course, and a Bachelor of Arts from California State University at Fresno, and Associates degree at Fresno City College.